Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Fantasy Fullfillment Sex Vacation!

Nicaragua is a beautiful country full of beaches, volcanoes, and beautiful women. The women in Nicaragua are as hot as the volcanoes they are famous for. They have a heat inside that explodes all over you when they blow their tops off! Now you can blow the top off the best of the best of Nicaragua women in a three day two night luxury and debauchery excursion!

You will feel like the King you are in this all-inclusive lavish sexual fantasy that every man should experience once in a lifetime! It has intrigue, adventure, private chauffer and bodyguard, French maids, and girls, girls, and more girls without limits—existing only for your beckon call! The only time you will not have a girl with you is when you want to be alone because you will have one girl 24/7 with you always ready to service you and do whatever you need.

If your tastes run beyond vanilla sex, call us (888) 870-4220 or visit us at and we can discuss what we can do for you!

This vacation is every man’s dream and you can enjoy it alone with four girls or you can share the expenses with your friends by bringing them along for only $2000 more per friend (be they a woman for fun threesomes or a man). You will share the four girls and enjoy the raunchiest or more relaxing times of your life. At least one of the girls will be massage trained so she can give you a relaxing massage while you recover to get you ready for more action and revitalize your stamina!

Let give you the best vacation experience of your life! 24/7 escort service without limits and a very affordable price! We will even doctor pictures for you to give you a perfect alibi!

We have more economical weekend vacation packages right in Managua Nicaragua at a four star hotel with two girls to keep you fully satisfied, but below we describe the best value package we have!

Let this video tell you everything you need with pictures of the actual houses you would be staying in (the women are models):

$4000/ 1 Person each Additional Person $2000

· Two nights three days on the beach with a different girls each day and night!

o You choose from over 12 girls and you can have up to four for your stay

o You stay in a luxury four bedroom home directly on the beach

o You have a full time maid for 8 hours a day

o All amenities included including up to 2 bottles of Grand Reserve rum per stay

· Food/drinks at top restaurants in the area for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

· 24/7 escort

o You have a girl or two of your choosing with you 24/7 to maximize you enjoyment

o House is stocked with common sex toys but we can negotiate you bringing special toys

· Full amenities House DIRECTLY on the beach

o Nicaragua has good beach weather about 345 days a year

o Full privacy—create as much noise as you want and run around naked if you wish, the house is secluded and private enough to do whatever you want without worries!

o Full time maid provided for 8 hours a day

o All house amenities included

o 2 bottles of Grand Reserve run per stay will await you at the house

o House is stocked with all sorts of sex toys for your enjoyment

· Up to four different girls—YOU CHOOSE, that is two per day or you can stagger them!

o Most packages include just one girl—we include 4

o Have two per day, have three, have all four as you wish—you get each girl for 24 continuous hours, use them as you wish!

o Since we give you so many girls we encourage you to bring friends! Each friend (up to 4) is only an extra $2000 and they share the girls with you!

o Most girls speak some English

· Taylor made Experience ask for special arrangements and we can accommodate

o Not into vanilla sex, we can arrange for other flavours for you (additional costs may be required)

o Need a special toy that is too big to bring yourself we can try to arrange it for you

o Want to go visit a special place in Nicaragua (or Costa Rica) we can arrange it

· Security Chauffer Transportation to and from the house and to restaurants

o You will never be alone, a full security chauffer will take you to and from the airport and the restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. and for a nominal fee can also take you to tourism destinations or anywhere else you may wish to go.

o The chauffer is fully bilingual (English/Spanish)

o Chauffer doubles as your security detail so you always feel safe and move around with status!

· VIP reception at the airport, start your stay with a nice drink while you wait for customs to clear

o When you arrive you will be pulled ahead of the line and taken to a plush waiting area in the airport where you will be given snacks and drink while you wait for you baggage to clear customs

o You will be met there by the chauffer and the first girl you choose who will go over your itinerary with you

· Unless you want some extra excursion or service, you never have to pull out your wallet-- all costs included you just have to enjoy it-a luxury excitement filled VIP experience!

What is more we will doctor up to 20 pictures to give you an alibi with your significant other, your boss, or whomever you need to show that you were cleanly vacationing in Nicaragua. We will put your image on images of volcanos, lakes, plazas, etc. to show you doing the tourist things! We have all angles covered for you! Not only do we bill your credit card for web design work or SEO work or whatever you wish us to bill you for, but we also cover every angle so you have an exciting adventure without worry!

Call use today to get started: (888) 870-4220